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8 H U S T O N S T R E E T , E X M O U T H , W E S T E R N A U S T R A L I A


Available dine in or take away from 8.30am to 2pm

(Weekdays Monday to Friday)

Falafel $ 9 V / with spiced yogurt & salad

Steak & Cheese $ 9.50 / with BBQ sauce & salad

Crispy Chicken $ 9 / with house aioli & salad

Salad included: lettuce, tomato, onion

ADD ONS: Cheese $1 / Feta $2 / Jalapeno $1 / Beetroot $1 / Egg $2 / Bacon $2 / Mashed Avocado $2

Plated Meal Option WITH CHIPS + $ 5

Available with any burger or wrap